sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

New kid on the S3 direct upload block

Sometime ago I saw the post [Small Bites] Direct Upload para S3: a Solução Definitiva! do Akita. Ow, fantastic! I was just playing with S3 Direct Uploads solutions that are described around the web and that could save me lots of time and give me a well polished solution.

I start playing with refile and how I could integrate it with my application. It don't take much time to became disappointed.

I already use paperclip in my application, it's very well integrated, meets my requirements and I'd like how it organize files, so adapt what I have to refile would be a pain, but it opened my head that S3 Direct Upload can be simpler, so I decide to experiment.

I'd like how s3_direct_upload interact with S3, keeping the filename. This way I decide to make a hybrid of s3_direct_upload and refile: s3-upnow has born.

The idea of the gem is to be backend agnostic. For now it works only with paperclip, so if it's your upload gem, give a try to s3-upnow and your feedback. I guess that support others upload gems is not difficult.

I know that it's not well polished, but it's already working for me and maybe can work for you. If you find scenarios that it's causing problems, please let me know!

Happy hacking!